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ECN DIGEST // Volume 14 - May flowers and a fundraiser

As we prepare our cannabis gardens for the upcoming season, we want to let you know about our newest offering - a membership for the general public. Those who want to support our mission to provide the highest responsible standard of cannabis education can help us by purchasing a Basic Membership before May 31st for only $99! As always, we appreciate the supportive community all around us. Read on to learn more about ECN's board member, Terese Bowors, and a review about the difference between RSO and FECO. Happy gardening!

To access a version of the ECN Digest with clickable links, download the PDF version here:

ECN DIGEST (VOL 14 May 2023)
Download PDF • 10.17MB

Links from the newsletter (click on the image or linked text below):

Terese Bowors, Cannabis Wellness Coach Dosing Course and Speakeasy Cannabis Club

ECN's Basic Membership Fundraiser - register on Eventbrite

Register for our upcoming Master Class: Painsomnia - how cannabis can help with chronic pain and insomnia related to chronic pain, with Health Journalist, podcast host, and author, David Sharp

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