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Our Advisors


ECN's Advisory Committee members help us maintain our mission to provide the highest responsible standard of cannabis education

  • Alex Revich

  • Anita Rasoda

  • Anne-Marie Fischer

  • Cristina Dirlea

  • Cristina Montoya

  • Dana Baranovsky

  • Denis Gertler

  • Derrick Dudley

  • Ika Washington

  • Jonathan Zaid

  • Josée Bourgeois

  • Julie Ann (Wolfe) May

  • Kelly Beker

  • Megan Henderson

  • Sabrina Ramkellawan

  • Sarah Kroll

  • Shannon Kloet

  • Sjoerd Visser

  • Dr. Thomas Henke

If you would like to join our Advisory Committee, please email us

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