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Olga Nikolajev

End of Life Nurse Educator 
Certified in Thanatology 

Dying well advocate
Cannabis Educator

Grief Counsellor

Registered Nurse

Virtual School for Community Deathcare in Canada - founding faculty

EduCanNation Logo Staff

My enlightened relationship with cannabis began in my mid 40's as a recreational consumer, guided by my ex-husband's personal experience with the therapeutic properties of cannabis. As a nurse I recognized the rich anecdotal evidence, not only from my family and friends, but more importantly from my patients and clients. I completed the McMaster Cannabis Science course to expand my "scientific" knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and cannabis. I have braided together my skills, knowledge and training so that I may be able to offer supportive educational care.

I hope to bring my passion for well informed and evidence-based cannabis education and provide self-reflective and responsive leadership. I hope to bring the best of my professional and personal knowledge to enhance the vision of EduCanNation.

Fun facts about me:

I was an active break dancer in my teens, lived in BC in my 20’s, had 2 motorcycles in my 30’s, moved to a farm in my 40’s, and now in my 50’s look to find balance in the simple things.

Olga Nikolajev is an End of Life Nurse Educator, certified in Thanatology, the study of death, dying, loss and grief. Olga is a dying well advocate, cannabis educator and grief counselor with over 25 years of professional experience as a registered nurse in various health care settings, including hospice palliative care. Her educational history includes a degree in Anthropology and Psychology, a Master’s degree in Religion and Culture, an interdisciplinary certificate in palliative care, along with her recent Cannabis Science certificate from McMaster University. Olga has been involved in national, provincial and local efforts to shift the way we view and approach our dying experience, death and grief, including how we care for each other at the end of life. She served as one of the founding faculty members for the Virtual School for Community Deathcare in Canada and since 2017 has facilitated online Thanatology program courses through Centennial College, and the End of Life Doula course through Douglas College across Canada.

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