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ECN DIGEST // Volume 19 - Indigenous Sovereignty Through a Cannabis Lens

In this, the first edition of the newsletter for 2024, you will meet ECN's Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Josée Bourgeois. Josée is passionate about Indigenous teachings and spiritual practice. She advocates for the Sovereign Cannabis Industry and helps EduCanNation uphold our mission of providing the highest responsible standard of Cannabis education within her community. Our membership is growing! Check out EduCanNation's current offerings and upcoming events, new partnership, and exciting offers from our affiliates. Stay up to date with current events in our new "EduCanNation 420 Forum" and remember your rights as a Cannabis consumer in our Water Cooler section. Enjoy!

Download a version of the ECN Digest with clickable links here:

ECN Digest Vol 19 - March 2024
Download • 5.80MB

Links from this volume:

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