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Terese Bowors

Certified Cannabis Coach, Professional Interpener, Lifelong entrepreneur, Reiki Practitioner, Medical cannabis patient, Premium napper, biohacker, listener, spiritual seeker and cannabis lover, Experienced medical advocate, Cannabis course developer and teacher, Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club Organizer

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Terese Bowors, Cannabis Wellness Coach from Nelson, BC, has been a medical cannabis patient for 10+ years to help manage her own insomnia, fatigue, pain, and anxiety. She also navigated a pediatric cannabis prescription for her teenage son with Lyme disease. She is a dedicated advocate for wellness having to navigate the medical system with her son with Lyme and her daughter's journey with Type 1 Diabetes in addition to her health challenges with Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  

After many years of success with cannabis, Terese completed her Cannabis Coaching Certificate through the Cannabis Coaching Institute and graduated in Feb 2021; as well as completed the Professional Interpener Certificate and Cannabis Consultant Training through the Trichome Institute. She completed Reiki Level 2 in Feb 2022 and incorporates energy work into her practice. A true teacher at heart, she loves teaching courses in her local community and virtually. Terese believes that people can have a safe and effective experience with cannabis through stigma free education. 

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