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Samara Attis

Certified Cannabis Educator, Certified in Endocannabinoid Science, Medical Cannabis Patient, EduCanNation Board of Directors, Membership Coordinator, BA Child and Youth Studies

EduCanNation Logo Samara

I work as a certified cannabis educator in Toronto Ontario, working one on one with clients as well as delivering educational workshops.  My professional career was always in social services; however, I left the field to raise a family of my own.  Spending my life dealing with autoimmune diseases, and the variety of symptoms that accompany them, cannabis became my medicine of choice early on.  When I decided I wanted to return to work, the direction seemed obvious.  I was used to advocating for clients in a variety of situations, and I became compelled to help others and learn as much as I could about this wonderful medicinal plant. I got my certification as an educator, did my research and found EduCanNation.  Now I have a new passion. I am honoured to sit on the board of directors for this much needed organization, and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with as many members and allies as possible.

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