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EduCanNation Launches Membership for Cannabis Educators, Coaches, Nurses, Consultants,and Students

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

It’s here! We have been building this membership for over a year now, and we are ready to launch this amazing opportunity for anyone who is looking for support as they deliver cannabis education.

It’s even more important, during these difficult times, to find support for your cannabis education business. So many of us work solo, educating about this plant in many areas of business, healthcare, and industry. We juggle entrepreneurship and coaching with compassion. We care deeply about the quality of the cannabis education that we provide. If we work closely with patients, we begin to understand how complex this plant and the human body can be. Education is what is needed, in order to shed the misinformation and stigma that exist about the cannabis plant and those that consume it.

EduCanNation Cannabis Education Inc. became a Canadian non-profit organization to expertly model and help create the “standard of practice” in cannabis education. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of responsible cannabis education.

How better to do this, than by coming together as a community?

If you educate about cannabis, this Leadership Membership is for you!

Email to request an application form today


The Leadership Membership is designed to support cannabis educators and educators-in-training.

By becoming a member, you'll have access to continued education and support, as well as resources and tools to help you succeed. Read on to learn more about the membership perks:

If you'd like to share this information, download a copy of the above infographic, here:

Membership Info 2022
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What our members and supporters are saying:

"I noticed the intention of ECN to build community, education and support and I experienced all 3 of these intentions through the efforts of ECN.

The Wednesday Business Support Group meetings were a great way to share challenges and ideas about our unique businesses. At times, I felt we were all at a similar place and it was difficult to offer support and guidance when we were all at similar learning stages. I did learn from others experiences and felt encouraged to receive support and offer support to others. It felt like a mutually supportive relationship with the group. Friday Speaker Series gave me the opportunity to learn more about a topic I wasn't as familiar with. It was helpful to hear from the experts in their field. I believe the meetings helped to continue my education and relevance in my business and keep up to date on new research and happenings.

I appreciated the support in building and launching my first online course. Having a team of women available to bounce off ideas, offer support when I was stuck or overwhelmed, brainstorming and generally being able to have a conversation was so helpful - especially being a solo entrepreneur. I value collaboration that is supportive, good karma and authentic and I feel that is what ECN has provided for me. It's much more difficult to do it all alone and much more fun to be supported by others."

- Terese Bowors, Cannabis Wellness Coach


"I am proud to be one of the original Board members of EduCanNation and continue to be grateful for the Executive team's leadership and community support. EduCanNation is and will continue to be a National leader in Cannabis Education."

- Olga Nikolajev, Cannabis Educator, ECN Board of Directors


"Dear ladies and gentlemen of EduCanNation. I love you. Y'all have changed my life, you've changed a former gang girl into a future educator and I couldn't be more proud to be aligned with such an amazing organization. Thank you so much for supporting me, letting me cry, and giving me the space to learn. Merry Holidays, whatever you celebrate, Te Amo"

- Devon J Hall,


"Working with the ladies of EduCanNation has been a pleasure throughout the past year. They are a great group of talented and passionate educators and generous with their time. Professional while always being compassionate. "

- Khadisha Thornhill, Cannabis Educator & Advocate, ECN Board of Directors,


"I just wanted to give a huge tip of my hat to all the educators here. The program that you offered for the infusions workshop was life changing for me. Not only was it well researched, it was well presented and clear. I’m not chemist, but once you got through the process a couple of times, and with help figured out the calculations needed, it becomes a very simple and rewarding process to be able to make your own medicine. Product quality goes up....cost goes down....and it makes you an intricate and important part in your own healing journey.

Thank you" - Dave W. ECN member and workshop attendee


"I feel fortunate that I came across EduCanNation when I did. When I started Cannabis Coaching, I didn't have a wide support network, and certainly not a Canadian-focused one. After my first meeting, I knew I was among kindred spirits. Steph, Shawna, and Stacy are not only genuine in their desire to help, but also have a unique ability to gather like-minded people together to learn and grow with each other.

It's clear that the motto, "A rising tide lifts all boats" is part of their core values because ECN is a collaborative and non-competitive space. Everyone really wants to see everyone else succeed and that is driven from the top-down.

If you're a Cannabis Educator, Coach or Nurse and want to be a part of a community that is focused on education and community above all else, look no further than EduCanNation. I can't wait to see you there."

-Andrea Meharg, Certified Cannabis Coach and CEO of


To join EduCanNation, check our homepage. We have a free Facebook group where you can connect and learn more. To join our membership, contact us and let us know you'd like to apply. You can also contact us to ask any questions, any time. We won't share your information. We respect you and your privacy. Thanks for stopping by!
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