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Jay Jay 

Founder and CEO of naturalisticallynow, Certified Cannabis Health Coach and Educator, Chartered Herbalist, Board Secretary at EduCanNation , Medical Cannabis Patient, Writer, blogger and creator of the 5 part educational series; Cannabis for Cancer along with the Canecdotal Collective support group.

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Always had cannabis in my life, but didn't always have cancer. 
My diagnosis retired me from 25 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry, propelling me toward my current role as a Cannabis Health Coach and Educator. 
My personal success with cannabis therapeutics encouraged me to learn as much as I could about cannabis as the medicine that it is and motivated me to want to share the medicinal benefits of cannabis with anyone who would listen.
I founded naturalisticallynow,  a facebook group discussing natural alternative cancer treatments with a focus on cannabis and a personal blog sharing my healing journey, but it wasn’t enough to get people listening. 
This encouraged me to educate myself further, which I did, through the Cannabis Coaching Institute, the Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit and the  Centre for Mindfulness Studies.
My passion for educating others about cannabis medicine found a home when I discovered EduCanNation. I was beyond thrilled finding an organization whose goals aligned with my own and am eager to use my skills of writing, public speaking, research and organization to be a part of helping bring responsible cannabis education to the forefront here in Canada. 

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