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Welcome to The Clinic at EduCanNation.


We are a Canadian holistic virtual clinic dedicated to the patient's journey through whatever difficult health burdens they are presented with. We offer a variety of services by a variety of healthcare practitioners. Our clinicians are vast and diverse and we hope to connect our patients with practitioners that truly understand what the patient is going through. Our experienced educators are experts in inpatient care. If you are recovering from surgery, suffering gut issues, removing pharmaceuticals, dealing with depression or cancer treatment side effects we are here to help.

More information on "The Clinic" coming soon!


I am a Patient:


Let's get you glowing again!


Yes, Cannabis as a Medicine is helping so many patients. Many people, including ourselves, find that adding Cannabis as a Medicine can improve quality of life.


You may have a brand new complex diagnoses OR you may have been struggling for years with your complex disease. We are here to help. In our experience patients see transformation over a 3-6 month period.


We have built this package on purpose, understanding very well the patient journey with this Medicine. We cover your health history, all medications including a Medication/ herb/supplement cross check to keep you safe. Product choice and comprehension, dosing guidelines, prescriptions and safety precautions are all included.


We want to get this Medicine working for you optimally. This package includes a comprehensive care package and 3 months of support via email and phone.




This package is for you if you are looking for enhanced well-being and general health.


You do not have any major health concerns yet, but you are hearing how this medicine can also be a preventative and an additional way to increase well-being.


You have completed Cannabis 101 for patients and/or have a good understanding of Cannabis as a Medicine.


This is a quick check-in to guide you with getting started, dosing, or strategizing.


This package includes working with 1 Educator privately. Our Educator will go through your health history, goals with the medicine, and how/if it has worked for you in the past. Problems you may have can be discussed. You will receive tips and tricks in a summary email with the steps discussed.




Sometimes you just need a few minutes with an Expert Educator.


As a patient, you have a specific question or need precise guidance.


We are here to help.




I am a Practitioner:

We are always looking for amazing practitioners to work with here at ECN. We are a strong and caring community of like-minded humans. Email us your resume and your scope of practice and we will be in touch soon! 

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