Stephanie's Story

Stephanie Massey (aka Steph) 

EduCanNation Co-Chairwoman

Certified Cannabis Educator in Clinical Practice

Yoga and meditation teacher

Expert in the fusion of Cannabis, Yoga and Nervous System Regulation
Medical Cannabis Patient & Breast Cancer Survivor


Hello! I am Stephanie Massey,  I am one of the Co-founders of EduCanNation Inc. 

I am a Canadian mom of two teens, a wife, and a coffee lover.  I am obsessed with ways to heal through difficult situations, I love podcasts and I would eat a well-made “Pain au Chocolat” every day if I could! I am a young Breast Cancer Survivor and the daughter of a Breast Cancer Survivor.  I was introduced to Cannabis at the age of 43 while going through cancer treatment. I have a background in the Coffee, Tea, and Food industry as a self-trained Chef. I briefly owned a restaurant with a Farm to Table focus.  Nutritional density, high-quality ingredients, and Flavour were where my obsessions were. 


During cancer treatment, I decided to invest in my bucket list item of becoming a Yoga Teacher and accomplished 250 hours of training (with a complex breast surgery thrown in the mix too) and 200 hours of training to become a Meditation Teacher.

I wholeheartedly advocate for the normalization of this plant medicine.  However, I didn’t always.  Growing up, like so many, I bought into the “war on drugs'' hook, line, and sinker.  Cannabis was always a negative thing in my life.  Always. The suffering within a Cancer Dx was like nothing I had ever felt before.  This led me to open my mind to alternatives in healthcare and Cancer Care Support.

I started using Cannabis for pain, hot flashes, trauma, and sleep, and noticed significant improvements;  I then began to educate myself and trained to be a Certified Medical Cannabis Educator and Consultant.  In my 1:1 sessions, classes, and group programs, I help women explore the deeply healing benefits of Medical Cannabis.

I am part of an amazing team of Healthcare Practitioners at True Roots Healthcare, a premier wellness clinic, located in Uxbridge, Ontario.  


I would like to share with you a very difficult moment in time for me.   


I was 1 year into treatment and had a very simple, easy surgery to remove my ovaries. I had been gaining energy, feeling well, and beginning to make some plans for the future - hoping the worst was behind me. I mean the tumors were gone, I did the chemo, I did the radiation.  I was almost done.  I was extremely unprepared and surprised at how absolutely horrific Surgical Menopause was for me.  You see, we removed my ovaries, to help remove the largest source of estrogen from my body because my cancer was hormone-driven. I awoke in the recovery room in a full-blown hot flash from hell. I wanted drugs, but nothing they had would help a hot flash.  What horrible reality was I in?  I thought something must have gone wrong in surgery.  


Over the next 6 weeks, I was a DISASTER.   I was suffering from extreme weepiness, joint pain and inflamed joints, bone pain, rapid weight gain, insomnia, depression, moodiness, irritability, exhaustion. You know, ALL of the symptoms of Menopause.


Cancer didn’t even feel this bad. 


Six weeks after this particular surgery was the only time I cried in my Oncologists office.  I honestly did not think I was going to make it. This misery could NOT be my future.  In my opinion, this current reality was unacceptable.  I was a ball of anxiety and unease and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.  NOTHING HELPED.  Well, 4000mg of Tylenol daily “kinda” helped, but I and my doctors knew it was not sustainable.  I was worried I would be in this much pain forever. As we were finishing up our appointment we chatted about CBD and Medical Cannabis. She mentioned some patients were finding some relief.  I was game, I was desperate, I would try anything. At the same time, she thought it would help my Mom with her related post-cancer issues,  we both got our Medical Cannabis Authorization from our Oncologist.


Starting my journey with Cannabis was rocky. It took 18 months, too much money and I almost quit a few times. With patience and lots of trial and error, I was finally getting relief. As I learned more for myself and shared my success, those around me started to take notice. In particular, I had a lot of support from several Naturopathic Doctors. As I was adding Naturopathy to my toolbox for getting through treatment, my doctors saw how well I was doing. 

After taking several Cannabis Education Courses, I joined the team at TrueRoots. I work clinically with patients who are looking for relief from pain, insomnia, depression, cancer, and other complex health issues. I help patients remove pharmaceuticals if that is their choice and if it is an option for them.


These days I share my time between teaching Yoga and Meditation, Coaching patients, Podcasting, and running a Canadian Cannabis Non-Profit organisation.


Thanks to Cannabis and ALL of my “active” healing, post-cancer treatment life is a blessing! I manage all of my health issues with cannabis as my front line of defense, needing only a few pharmaceuticals.


I strongly and firmly believe that we have the power to help ourselves heal. When we take active participation as a patient in our own healing, when we are well supported and resourced, we have a much better chance at a higher quality of life.  In fact, studies show, supported patients have better outcomes! 

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