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What is a Cannabis Educator?


A Cannabis Educator is someone who has taken educational courses from reputable teachers and programs. Most courses will provide a certificate of completion. Cannabis Educators are self-motivated and eager to continue learning the newest and most up-to-date information. Cannabis Educators have a passion for education and a passion for uncovering the true medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. 

Often, but not always, educators are also patients, caregivers, and helpers. As Cannabis Educators, we teach to a varied and wide audience, with hopes of dispelling misinformation and spreading the facts about cannabis. From one-on-one care and coaching to presenting cannabis content in our communities, we work hard to extend our voice and our message. We are a diverse group of teachers working within many areas of the Global Cannabis Industry. 

We are a Canadian holistic virtual clinic dedicated to the patient's journey through whatever difficult health burdens they are presented with. We offer a variety of services by a variety of healthcare practitioners. 

 This is where we whip up some delicious recipes or teach you how to infuse your home grow! Infusing, creating, taste testing with food and drinks are some of our favourite things to do. 

Our lab includes friendly folks who truly enjoy "geeking" out around the topic of Cannabis as a Medicine. In the lab, we teach about concentrates, extraction processes, and techniques. 

The Office at ECN is here to support Cannabis Educators and every area of their business! After all, we are an Association of Certified Cannabis Educators. 

At EduCanNation we are passionate about growing all forms of herbal medicine and food. We offer workshops, Masterclasses, medical grow consults for beginner growers some of these offerings are live and some are via technology.

In The Studio, we offer many forms of enhanced creative wellness. From art to movement, to stillness and including all creative areas of life, The Studio offers services that are Cannabis Friendly. 

The Lounge is where we talk ALL things Education! We stay on top of all the newest science, research, and anecticdotal evidence and teach this to other Certified Cannabis Educators and we teach to patients and the public.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Matthew Brodeur

Testimonials coming soon!

We love to hear feedback from our clients and members.  We will be sharing our testimonials soon!

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