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Khadisha Thornhill

Chartered Insurance Professional & Educator
Insurance Risk Management Specialist
Cannabis Educator & Advocate
People's Alliance of Cannabis in Canada Treasurer
Team Lead for BIPOC Inclusion in Cannabis
Co-founder of Afro Cannada Budsistas

Khadisha Thornhill

I was fortunate to meet the ladies of EduCanNation through my early work with PACC and was struck by how naturally I aligned already with their mission. 


My work with Afro Cannada Budsistas was founded due to the lack of cannabis information readily available in Canada, especially for members of racialized communities that were historically persecuted during the 100-year cannabis prohibition. EduCanNation's commitment to creating a credible standard of cannabis education is desperately needed in this new emerging industry that is rapidly evolving. 


I thoroughly enjoyed being able to teach students new to the property-casualty insurance industry in Canada, and feel excited about the skills and best practices I can apply from that industry into helping to standardize and deliver quality education in the cannabis industry.


I'm also very interested in helping ECN increase cannabis literacy throughout various industries and environments such as post-secondary institutions and extended health benefits providers

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